Daniele was nine when he began exploring the oak trees in the magical Sibillini mountains, breathing the fresh mountain air and helping his brother train dogs to search for truffles. He knew then that his passion for tending the trees, seeking out the best truffle spots, and doing it all out in the open air with his dogs meant he was going to be a truffle hunter.

Now, with Cristine, Daniele’s passion is finally a full-time mission. Join us at La Cerqua and relish the joys of truffling from the earth to your table. Savour these exquisite morsels for yourself. At La Cerqua* we are driven by our commitment to sustaining local tradition and respecting nature. All of our fresh truffles and delicacies are grown, harvested and sourced locally in the Marche-Umbria region of central Italy which is our home. In everything we do we strive to nurture nature, support the local truffle industry, and care for our indispensable canine friends and partners.

Share our passion for truffles and delicious food.

We Are

*’Cerqua’ is the Marchigiano dialect term meaning oak tree (pronounced ‘CHAIR-ku-ah). These trees are revered and protected in Le Marche province, which is the veritable pillar of the nation’s truffle industry.

Our truffles and other products originate from eco-friendly practices, first and foremost the production of honey. Our hives and methods are pesticide-free and promote the healthy growth of bee populations whose dwindling numbers have been sounding alarm bells across the world.